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Quality and value have made Craftsman tools a respected brand since 1927. It’s easy to equip your shop with dependable Craftsman tools, because Craftsman’s full lineup is now available at MSC. You will find Craftsmans ‘trusted to the core’ products, and now their new V-Series line, all backed by a lifetime warranty.

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Protect yourself from electric shock with Crescent APEX’s new patented isolated technology, eSHOK-GUARD, providing insulation of up to 1000 volts. The new Crescent® series of u-GUARD non-marring covered tools gives you protection and control on the jobsite. And the Crescent® VORTEX Bit Holder extends bit life by over 500 times. The exclusive Dual Impact Zone™ prevents bits from breaking and extends driving performance of impact bits. Power Tool Accessories from Crescent®

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The unique design of the Hurrimill AT4 transforms an end mill into a high-performance milling, ramping and drilling tool. This unequal helix end mill design permits heavy milling or high-efficiency milling while the specialized end gash geometry enables aggressive ramping and even drilling, making this the ideal upgrade to any 4-flute milling cutter. New substrate and proprietary FX7 PVD coating ensure long-lasting stable tool life in steel, stainless and other ferrous alloys.

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Need help moving something heavy? You’re in luck--Vestil has an answer for every situation. Dollies, carts, platform trucks, powered tuggers, we’ve got it.

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Time to level up your high-feed milling operations with best-in-class CoroMill® MH20. This is a versatile tool with a large application area, but primarily designed for pocketing applications in ISO S, M and P materials. Thanks to its light cutting action, in combination with a robust shank design, CoroMill® MH20 ensures secure and vibration-free machining, even with long overhangs.

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The new PRO-SOURCE™ reciprocating saw blades are the best blades for your job. These blades are comparable to industry leading reciprocating saw blades, but at a better price point. The bi-metal blades feature a toothed edge made from high-speed steel (HSS) and are attached to a flexible steel backing which results in a blade that makes precise cuts while resisting breakage. The blades are sold in packs of 5 and come in 6, 9 and 12” blade sizes.



SECO Helical Turbo 16 offers the depths of cut and application security to tackle titanium, steels, cast iron, stainless steels and superalloys with high-performance results. Its broad suitability means superior parts with reduced tooling inventories. Optimized insert pocket angles enhance the cut and deliver outstanding surface finishes. With a high helix angle for smoother workpiece entry and exit, SECO next-generation Helical Turbo 16 cutters also feature efficient chip evacuation.



Sumitomo’s NCB100 inserts provide long-lasting, hard-cutting options for difficult-to-cut materials such as titanium alloys. This binderless CBN technology offers better thermal conductivity than conventional CBN/PCD, creating higher efficiencies for machinists who value productivity, tool life and versatility. The nano-polycrystalline CBN grade structure makes these inserts ideal for high-efficiency finishing.

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The all-new W9000 Series Ingersoll Rand® 1” cordless impact wrenches are the first cordless tools to perform like a pneumatic impact with the freedom of cordless mobility. Delivering 3000 ft./lbs. of nut-busting torque, 2200 ft./lbs. of tightening torque, and utilizing the IQv Power Control System, the W9691 can easily switch between MAX, MID or Snug modes for ultimate torque control.

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Kennametal’s HPR Solid Carbide Drills provide longer tool life and lower cost-per-part with high cutting parameters for cast iron, ductile iron, CGI, ADI and GJV materials. The NEW KC10A grade with patent-protected coating allows for tighter tolerances and improved reliability. MQL shank enables usage with through coolant when required. Ideal for customers in transportation and general engineering.

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Applying accurate torque is critical to assembly and maintenance applications. Creating proper clamp load and ensuring proper operation of fasteners is the main objective when applying torque to fasteners. Leaky joints can cause engine, equipment, or liquid pipe failures, resulting in injury and down time.

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